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Innovators at AbbVie

Tenacious Problem-Solvers

"Innovation needs to happen, so we can minimize the number of patients who lose the battle to cancer.” Mohamed Zaki, M.D., Ph.D., vice president, global head of oncology clinical development

AbbVie in Oncology: What Drives Our Work

Globally, cancer is one of the most difficult challenges in health care today, impacting patients, their families and their communities. Our scientists and researchers are committed to improving the standard of care.

Their mission is bold, yet still personal as they’ve witnessed their patients and even their loved ones battle the disease, the AbbVie in Oncology team continues working to deliver new, impactful therapies.

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Accelerating the Transformation of Cancer Care

Oncology Areas of Research

Our scientists put their focus into three groups: regulated cell death, immune-oncology, and tumor specific antigens.

Researchers are examining regulated cell death, trying to exploit the pathways a cell uses to induce its own demise in an orderly, programmed manner.

Immune-oncology is an area of research where scientists explore ways the body unleashes its own immune system to eradicate cancer cells.

Through our work in tumor-specific antigens, teams are researching targeted deliveries to cancer cells that could induce less collateral damage to the patient.