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AbbVie and DrugDev

AbbVie is pleased to collaborate with DrugDev to introduce investigators and site staff to the Investigator Databank, through the DrugDev network online profiles and opt-in. DrugDev is the third-party host of the Investigator Databank, and manages profiles on behalf of the member companies, as well as the profiles in its DrugDev network.


What is Investigator Databank?

The Investigator Databank is a global collaboration between pharmaceutical companies to share with one another investigator information that each company has on file as well as that made available by investigators through online profiles. Investigator Databank aims to reduce administrative burden for investigators and to increase visibility of investigators to research sponsors.

How can I get started, and what are
the benefits?

Creating a profile and opting-in is easy and quick, and it allows sponsors to immediately begin viewing your details. Once registered, all you need to do is “opt-in” to start sharing with the Investigator Databank and be taken to your DrugDev profile where you can view, edit and comment on information from industry member’s clinical trial management systems.

Create a profile.    

Once you have registered, the Investigator Databank offers you:

  •  A standardized and accessible profile that allows clinical trial opportunities to be targeted to you and your site.
  • The ability to manage your own information, letting you choose what sponsors can see.
  • The ability to share your study experience and details about your training once, eliminating redundant work.
  • Reduced individual requests for basic site information for each sponsor.
  • Reduced redundant GCP training because sponsors will recognize GCP training conducted by other participating sponsors.
  • An expanded access to clinical research opportunities by making you and your site known to a broader base of trial sponsors.

There is no charge to investigators or their institutions to opt-in to the Investigator Databank or to create a profile with the DrugDev network. Industry member companies share the financial support for development and access to the Investigator Databank.

Have questions?

Please contact AbbVie if you have a question specific to our clinical trials or research programs.

If you have a general question about creating a profile for use by the Investigator Databank, please email