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Data & information sharing with qualified researchers

We recognize the benefits of sharing our clinical trial information with patients, health care providers and the
general public.

Our commitment to sharing data and information

Qualified researchers engaged in rigorous, independent scientific research can request access to our clinical trial data. Access will be provided following receipt of a research proposal and Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP), review of the proposal and SAP and execution of a Data Use Agreement (DUA). All requests from qualified researchers for access to AbbVie clinical data and information will be managed by Vivli and AbbVie.  To submit a request, visit Vivli.

How the process works

We provide researchers access to our data and information via a multi-step process.

Submit a research proposal → Review research proposal → Access research data → Disclose research results

Review of research proposal

Proposals received via Vivli are provided to AbbVie.  Our company will ensure that the proposal has clearly defined research questions and scientific merit and that the researcher-directed analyses follow the research proposal.

In determining whether a specific request for access to data and clinical trial information shall be granted, AbbVie shall consider all relevant information, including:

  • data requested
  • hypothesis to be tested and the rationale for the proposed research
  • analysis plan
  • publication and posting plan
  • qualifications and experience of requestor or intended researcher(s) and any potential conflicts of interests
  • source of any research funding

Interactions between our company and requestors of access to data and information are intended to be collaborative in nature.

Access to data is determined based on the business feasibility to support the request and the scientific merit of the research proposal.  

Proposals that have been received via Vivli will be reviewed by AbbVie for business feasibility.  Proposals that are feasible to support are then reviewed for scientific merit by Wellcome Trust Independent Review Panel members according to their charter.

Researchers are responsible for gaining any other approvals that are required for the research (for example, from ethics committees, institutional review boards, relevant research institutions or funding bodies).

Access to data

We anticipate being able to respond to the requestor within a reasonable period of time from submission of a complete research proposal. When the request is approved, Vivli will initiate a Data Use Agreement (DUA).  Once the DUA is executed, the anonymized data will be uploaded on the Vivli platform for access by the requestor.

We encourage researchers to provide the DUA template to relevant legal staff at their institution so it can be signed quickly following approval of the research proposal.

How the data is provided

Access to data needed for research is provided on a password-protected platform via Vivli. This platform allows researchers to conduct research on the site and to download their analyses. Access is provided at no cost for 12 months.

Researchers are invited to conduct their research in a private workspace. This workspace is not accessed by AbbVie or any other third party unless researchers provide permission. To protect research participants privacy and confidentiality and ensure the data is used for the agreed research purpose, controls are in place to prevent the download of anonymized data provided for access. 

Statistical software that is provided

Commonly used statistical software  is provided on the platform so researchers can conduct their analyses.  More information about the available software is on Vivli.

Disclosure of research results

After the researcher has completed the research per the approved study proposal and analysis plan, the researcher is expected to  publicly share the results per the executed DUA.