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Real evidence. Real decisions. Real lives.

Our Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) team is a world-class leader in creating innovative, high-impact evidence that optimizes appropriate patient access to AbbVie products.

Through the generation of compelling evidence, we enable our customers to make critical decisions that positively impact patient lives.

Our Real-World Data Makes a Difference

HEOR helps payers, providers, and patients understand how medicines perform in the real world.

Can you quantify the value of moments that matter?

How patient experiences change the equation.

AbbVie HEOR at ISPOR 2017 Boston Conference

AbbVie’s HEOR team discussed insights from each day’s plenary topic with booth visitors during the ISPOR conference – and captured them with the help of a graphic facilitator. See if your thoughts are represented below!

“Social Network Interventions and Population Health”, “Randomized Controlled Trials”, and “Where is Health Policy Going 1 & 2” by Tamra Carhart, used under CC BY

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