Precision Medicine

We are pushing the boundaries of personalized treatment to transform how we treat disease.

Creating the right medicine for the right patient

Precision medicine has revolutionized how cancer patients are diagnosed and treated. Now, we're taking the principles of precision medicine a step further to fight diseases across immunology, neuroscience and eye care.

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Why isn’t medicine one size fits all?

See how a tailored approach to medicine could fundamentally change how we look at treating patients.

Why isn’t medicine one size fits all?

See how a tailored approach to medicine could fundamentally change how we look at treating patients.

Working smarter to get medicines to patients faster

At AbbVie, precision medicine is being used across the portfolio to bring medicines to the right patients using advanced technologies and data science to gain unprecedented insights into disease mechanism and patient heterogeneity. Our insights help us to target medicines more precisely, identify opportunities for combinations and provide patients and their physicians with actionable diagnostic tools. We are dedicated to understanding disease and addressing underlying mechanisms in all patients.

Research interests

  • Building and using our understanding of biomarkers in solid tumors to guide the development of immunotherapies, targeted small molecule inhibitors and antibody drug conjugates (ADCs).

  • Continuing to blaze the trail – impacting patients with hematologic malignancies through mechanistic insights from the clinic that help inform combinations, identification of predictive markers to determine patient segments that respond and development of alternative molecular endpoints to enable faster trials.

  • Leveraging novel insights into disease mechanisms from state of the art genomic, genetic and proteomic analyses being conducted in the Genomic Research Center, together with cutting edge data science and analytics.

  • Development of companion diagnostics and disease focused panels to help patients and their physicians make data informed treatments decisions.

  • Digital pathology – more precision and less tissue. Advanced analytics providing unprecedented insights into disease and predictive markers.

  • Achieving this using talent from across the AbbVie organization, from Discovery, GRC, Clinical and Medical Affairs as well as our industry leading datasets comprised of biobanks and our own clinical trial data from multiple disease areas to help us develop the next generation of medicines.

We now have the molecular tools, insights, and advanced analytics to advance precision medicine. At AbbVie, we work tirelessly to transform medicine and alleviate suffering and disease in patients.

Ian McCaffery
VP, Head of Precision Medicine and Companion Diagnostics, AbbVie

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