Data Convergence

See how AbbVie is leading one of the largest data initiatives in the biopharma industry.

Striving for accurate insights in minutes, not months

We’re integrating historically distinct areas of expertise and technology into a unified knowledge platform, improving how we collect, analyze and apply data to generate insights faster to help improve patients’ lives. We call it data convergence.

Convergence is the next step in the digital health revolution. We’re leading the way with a data infrastructure that enables more efficient knowledge sharing and understanding across the entire organization — the ultimate goal: a platform that creates new connections and opportunities to better treat disease.

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What’s the Formula? Convergence

Tackling the digital health revolution

What’s the Formula? Convergence

Tackling the digital health revolution

AbbVie experts discuss how our clinicians, computational scientists, data scientists, technology experts and others collaborate to break down information silos in health care.

Not only do we bring the data in and harmonize it, but we actually sit down with the subject matter experts and ask, what do those data mean?

Howard Jacob, Ph.D.
VP, Genomic Research, Head of Data Convergence, AbbVie

Sharing insights across the world

The real transformational ability comes not from the data itself but from the knowledge we extract from it.

At AbbVie, our diverse teams of life scientists, data scientists and engineers are continuously creating new ways of collecting, analyzing, and applying data to make a remarkable impact on patients’ lives. It’s part of a culture of sharing data across functions so everyone benefits. Here are some of the tools we’re creating together to help bring medicines to patients faster:

AbbVie R&D Convergence Hub (ARCH)

ARCH is the tool that our scientists use to extract knowledge from data. ARCH pulls together different data sets into one place, layers insights on top of the data, and incorporates information tools that allow us to ask new questions and gain more efficient insights. With ARCH, we can create custom dashboards to learn new things about diseases, discover new indications for existing treatments, and take a deeper look into understanding the molecular underprint of a condition. It’s data, democratized.

AbbVie Research Collaborative (ARC)

ARC is a health data platform that enables adults anywhere in the United States to partner with AbbVie’s world-class scientific researchers to share real-world health data, including medical records, genomic data, lifestyle and fitness data to help to tell a complete picture of their health. The real-world data we have access to allows us to ask ourselves questions regarding patients’ experiences to quantify their unmet needs from various perspectives.

Explore a career in convergence or data science

Looking to join an integrated team working to deliver patient insights in new ways? A career in convergence and data science might be for you.