Patient Access & Affordability

At AbbVie, we recognize that innovative treatments can only make a difference if patients can get the medicines that they and their providers choose.


Patient access and support programs

We offer a wide range of country-specific, disease-state patient programs that provide empowering support to patients who have been prescribed AbbVie medicines.

MyAbbVie Assist

Patients in the U.S. without insurance or those with limited coverage for our medicines may be eligible to receive AbbVie medicines at no cost to them through myAbbVie Assist.

Bridge program & Savings Cards

In the U.S., we offer programs for patients with commercial insurance to help lower the financial and logistical barriers that block many patients from accessing or continuing their prescribed therapies.


We work with multiple global partners to provide AbbVie products needed to support low-income countries, medical missions, war zones and natural disasters. Our partners include organizations such as Direct Relief, Americares, Operation Smile and many more.

patient support
U.S patients provided medicine at no cost through our patient assistance programs.
co-pay assistance
U.S. commercial patients utilize our co-pay assistance program