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Analytical Research & Development

Driving scientific excellence through analytical innovation.

Delivering remarkable impacts for patients

The Analytical Research & Development (Analytical R&D) organization is a world-class analytical team of more than 300 scientists that drives scientific excellence and process understanding through innovative solutions. We are responsible for all Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Control (CMC) analytical activities related to the development of AbbVie's products. 

Careers in AbbVie Analytical R&D provide unique opportunities to work with global and cross-functional teams. Analytical R&D scientists drive exceptional science and innovative product development strategies to advance AbbVie’s pipeline.

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Types of roles:

  • New Chemical Entities (NCE) Project Teams
  • New Biological Entities (NBE) Project Teams
  • Data Strategy and Management
  • Analytical Strategy and Regulatory Intelligence
  • Analytical Operations
  • Physical Analytical Chemistry Technical Center
  • Predictive Stability and Structure Elucidation Technical Center
  • Dissolution Technical Center
  • Bioassay Sciences
  • Protein Characterization
  • Parenteral Dosage Form and Combinational Product Development
  • Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) and Innovation Laboratories

In their own words

From being part of a culture that supports innovative research to making a remarkable impact on people’s lives worldwide, there are many reasons people want to work here. Read why members of our Analytical Research & Development team chose AbbVie, in their own words.

Meet with us

Meet with AbbVie Analytical R&D scientists at national and regional conferences to learn more about the Analytical R&D organization and our roles at AbbVie.

Events and Conferences in 2020:

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