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What we stand for

The term “disability” is a misnomer. People who face additional challenges to do what others take for granted display grit and determination, and through their experiences learn empathy and problem-solving skills. These are exceptional abilities not shortcomings. People who are part of this unique community seek to be known for their contributions, rather than a physiological trait such as being blind, hearing impaired or unable to walk, or having mental health conditions. 

Research shows that people with disabilities are unemployed or underemployed at higher rates than other workers. The need for advocacy and inclusion is paramount for this community to be empowered to reach their full potential, and that’s exactly what Ability at AbbVie aims to do.

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Ability at AbbVie

Working at AbbVie

Ability is committed to providing people with disabilities the opportunity to build a professional career with AbbVie. We will inspire the organization to hire people with disabilities, work with leaders to find real employment opportunities and target education and training to equip people leaders and their teams to build inclusive environments where people with disabilities thrive. 

Community impact

Ability provides support to charitable organizations, such as Have Dreams and Little City, through philanthropic donations and service projects.

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